4 Important Tools Every Self Sufficient Homesteader Needs

Enjoy your travel and the views on one of these utility vehicles.

For those who are new to self sufficient farming, they may not realize how vital certain tools are for maintaining and living off of the land. Self sufficient farming allows families to work their land for the food and resources that they need to survive; thus, they no longer have to rely on chain stores or farmers markets to survive. This simple way of life is the best way to ensure a family does not starve or do without during an economic crisis.

Utility Vehicles
Utility vehicles are incredibly important for a variety of farm related tasks. When hunting, they are perfect for hauling the game home for cleaning and butchering. They are also necessary when hauling feed, tools, or goods across the farm. Weekly land checks are necessary in order to ensure all fencing is in good shape and that no animals are in danger; a utility vehicle makes it quick and easy to traverse even the most rough terrain. Find details here regarding the performance of these utility vehicles.

Without a tiller, plowing and working the land can be very time consuming. Land must be tilled in order to grow healthy crops with large harvests. There are both small and large tillers, meeting the demands for every garden size. What might take a week to do by hand can be done in a single afternoon with a reliable tiller.

Full Collection of Hand and Power Tools
Without basic hand and power tools, a farmer will quickly find that typical tasks are nearly impossible to complete. Building a barn, furniture, fences, and gardening equipment all require the use of tools. A basic hand tool set consisting of hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, nails, bolts, pliers, post drivers, and more is recommended. Some of the larger power tools will include circular and chain saws, sanders, drills, and shop vacs. Farmers will find themselves using their tools very frequently.

Egg Incubator
Since chickens provide many different benefits for a farming family, an incubator is also a vital tool to have on hand. Rather than purchasing chicks every year, fertile eggs can be hatched on the farm. Chickens are perfect for reducing pests such as ticks, providing nutritious eggs, and delicious meat. Eggs are also necessary for a variety of foods, including breads, pastas, and other dishes that require a bonding agent.

Farming is virtually impossible when the right tools aren’t available. Everything listed has an important role to play on a homestead. Most of these items can be purchased from farm supply stores and tool centers.

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Personal Loan: Your Ticket to a Dream Vacation

boracay, personal loan

Now It is quite common for people to save up for their dream vacations. Unfortunately, some dream destinations have lost their beauty by the time some people are able to save enough money for travel. There have been plenty of exotic beaches, heritage sites, and nature havens that lost their appeal because of exploitation or irresponsible tourism. With the proper financial planning, one can get funding for their travels sooner and be able to pay it off in terms that they could afford. Availing of a personal loan from reputable personal loan lenders in the Philippines such as BDO personal loan Philippines can help you realize your dream vacation with less the wait.

The first step is to determine the budget you need for travel expenses. This would include transportation and accommodation costs, meals, and incidental expenses like entrance fees, souvenirs, tips, etc. If the available funds are enough to cover the travel costs then all you have to do is book your travel. Those who find themselves short on their budget can take out a personal loan to cover the shortage. Another option is to keep the existing fund intact for emergency expenses and take out a loan for the entire travel cost. Googling “personal loan lender Philippines” can lead you to plenty of reputable personal loan lenders in the country that offer competitive rates and convenient terms. Some personal loans do not require collateral at all and can be processed within a couple of days only. As far as payment terms are concerned, one can find flexible terms that range from as short as 6 months or last up 48 months.

Availing of a personal loan Philippines for your travel needs is quite easy. Online tools and websites are able to connect borrowers and reputable personal loan lenders in the country for funding concerns. Most banks and lending institutions have customer service representatives to address questions and concerns of potential borrowers. A personal loan can be like a cash advance on your travel fund. Enjoy your travels now and plan your next vacation adventure while you are paying off the loan.

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Setting Sights on Garden Tours for 2015

garden tours, sissinghurst estate

Spring and summer holidays are usually spent on the beach, mountain resorts, or cruises. But there are also special interest tour packages for those who would like to experience something different. Wine tours, music festival, and carnival tours are some of the most popular among these special tour packages but little is known about Garden Tours. You don’t have to be a horticulturist or garden enthusiast to enjoy this kind of tour. The colorful blooms set against gorgeous landscapes sculpted by green thumbs are a sight to behold.

Chelsea Flower Show is one of the most sought after horticultural event in the world with tickets getting sold out almost a year ahead of the scheduled event. The flower show features an international collection of blooms and greens carefully pruned and arranged to bring out their best look. Full sized show gardens are quite impressive. One can get a lot of gardening ideas from the exhibit. New and unusual plants as well as floral arrangements are showcased in the event to impress and inspire visitors. Aside from the Chelsea Flower Show, tourists can also schedule visits to other renowned gardens in the area. Popular garden tours destination include Sissinghurst, RHS Wisely, Tatton Park, Kiftsgate Court Gardens, HRH Prince Charles Garden, and Hampton Court Castle Garden.

Garden enthusiasts or a Garden Tours newbie can take a trip to Scotland in springtime for a glimpse of their gorgeous landscape and gardens. First on the list is the Pitmuies House Garden. This old walled garden boasts of lavishly planted borders with carefully chosen blooms. If you are interested in a bit of history then move on to the Glamis Castle which is the childhood home of Queen Elizabeth, the queen mother. The gardens of the castle offer a relaxing place for both reflection and enjoyment. Other must see gardens in the region include the secret garden of Straton House, Dunninald Walled Garden, Brechin Castle Gardens, and Walled Gardens of Logie House.

Britain, England, and Wales are popular destinations for Garden Tours but there are other countries that also showcase their flair for gardening. These tours are not just about the gardens, it is also a showcase of creativity, tradition, culture, and history.

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Celebrity-Worthy Styles for Your Travels

People usually end up with unkempt or frizzy hair, dry skin, and tired looking eyes after a long plane ride. But this doesn’t seem to be the case among celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Kate Bosworth, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley who often manage to come out of the airport in style. You can also ditch the haggard and “just got out of the plane” look by planning your outfit, accessories, and luggage for the trip. Create your comfy chic airport look from stuff in your closet and complement it with travel bags like those from Luggage Direct and you are set to go.

Travel in style like a celebrity

Here are some items that can help you travel celebrity style.

1. Comfy Chic Outfit. This would of course depend on your personal style. If you are comfortable with jeans and shirt then let it be your style. However, you may want to add some accessories that can add chic to your outfit. It can be a scarf, sweatshirt, or jacket that goes nicely with your outfit. A cotton or cashmere scarf is one of the most versatile accessories that you can bring on a trip. It can function as a head wrap, blanket, belt, sleep mask, or you can just wear it around your neck.

2. Trendy Eyewear. One can rarely find a celebrity without a designer eyewear whenever they are spotted outdoors. Aside from adding value to your fashion statement, these glasses can also hide tired looking eyes.

3. Travel Bags and Accessories. Ditch the backpack and go with handbags, totes, or weekenders. Handheld or shoulder bags can help you look more chic or sophisticated compared to the rugged or casual feel that comes with a backpack. As for suitcases, celebrities and businessmen are often seen with a hardcase luggage that offer more protection than canvass or soft-sided luggage. Plus, they also look sleeker compared to canvass suitcases. There are celebrity worthy options for both hardcase luggage and soft-sided ones from retailers like Luggage Direct.

You don’t have to splurge in designer clothes and luggage to travel like a celebrity. Simply work with what you have and bring out your best casual chic look for travel. Just remember your travel ensemble doesn’t stop at your outfit. The bags and accessories that you choose can also affect your look. If you want to travel like a celebrity, you have to plan for a camera ready look all the time.

The Merriest US State During the Holiday Season

Jingle bell rock has never been more important- that is, if you’re trying to make Santa’s nice list. Our elves ranked the nation’s states according to holiday spirit using how much holiday music residents played as an indicator, and what they found may give you a hint as to what will be under your Christmas tree on Christmas Day.

holiday, holiday songs in US, holiday songs, christmas songs

If you live in Washington, DC, congratulations! You live in the state with the most holiday spirit, thanks in part to the National Christmas Tree and the White House holiday concert. Pennsylvania, home to Christmas City, USA, follows DC, and then comes Tennessee, Washington, and Ohio.

As for the naughty list? Well, unfortunately for New Jersey, Bruce Springsteen’s “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town” isn’t enough to make New Jersey residents feel festive. Fourth on the naughty list is Wyoming, the top producer of coal in the country, and fifth is Hawaii, where people would rather go to the beach than dream of a white Christmas. Surprisingly, Alaska is ninth on the list of states with the least holiday spirit, despite being home to the city of North Pole and having the world’s largest fiberglass statue of Santa Claus.

If you’ve decided to tune in to some holiday songs, take note that people prefer the classics above any other songs. Bing Crosby’s “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” and Bobbly Helms’ “Jingle Bell Rock” are among the top five most popular holiday songs in the United States, along with tunes from Brenda Lee, Burl Ives, and Nat “King” Cole. Songs to avoid? The Chipmunks’ screechy rendition of “Christmas Don’t Be Late” and Enya’s eccentric “My! My! Time Flies!”

No matter where you celebrate Christmas, a few holiday tunes can add extra cheer to the festivities- that, and some eggnog, of course.

Clever Hints to Pack Lighter on Your Next Holiday

packing for travel, travel light, travel

Whether you’re an infrequent traveller or a proficient wanderer, it’s always a good idea to pack lighter. There are so many reasons why this is better – you save on baggage fees at the airport and storage fees for day trips, it’s easier to move around, there’s less to replace should your luggage get lost, and there’s less chance of back injuries too! Still not packing light enough? Maybe there are some tricks you haven’t tried yet…

Use a smaller bag

Ditch the suitcase and go with a backpack instead. This in turn will motivate you to pack less, since you’ll be carrying it on your back instead of rolling it around. There are heaps of choices available now – consider luggage websites like Bags to Go for a whole lot of backpack options that are both functional and stylish! Remember – if you’re not trekking around the Himalayas for months, you don’t have to get a ginormous backpack that’s bigger than you – choose a size you can handle!

Don’t pack at the last minute

packing for travel, packing list, travel

The earlier you start packing, the more likely it is that you will have time to be realistic about the contents of your bags(s). You’ll realise you don’t need three pairs of jeans, four pairs of shoes and five hats for different occasions. Try packing about a week before your trip – by the time you leave, you’ll have taken out about forty per cent of the original contents.

Wear the bulky stuff

Unless it’s really hot at your departure location, throw on your jacket, jeans and any other bulky clothes when you’re flying. This cuts down on baggage weight!

Layer up

If you’re going to a mixture of cold and hot regions, consider taking only one good jacket, and plenty of inner layers – thermals, a turtleneck, a light cardigan and such. It’s better than taking big and heavy items like coats. You can achieve warmth by layering up, or feel cool by layering down!

Multi-use items

There are items that can be used for many purposes, which will save you space in your bags. For instance, a light scarf can be used as a scarf, a travel blanket, a slumber mask on the plane, and a shawl in countries that require you to cover up. Clever!

Forget about hair-styling

Girls, save space by leaving your hair products and styling tools at home. Forget about straightening irons, blow-dryers, and all that gel and hairspray – they take up too much space! If you stay at a hotel, there’ll probably be a blow-dryer for you to use anyway.

Travel-sized toiletries

If you’re flying on an airline that charges you to check your baggage in, take only carry-ons, and stick to the ‘100ml or less’ rules. Stick to your absolute first night essentials like toothpaste and shampoo, then buy any other necessities when you’re at your destination.

Purchase on the road

It’s not just toiletries that can be purchased abroad. Items like hats, sandals/flip flops, t-shirts and sundresses can be bought while you’re on the road. It’s the perfect excuse to go shopping (unless you’re someone who doesn’t actually enjoy shopping)!

There’s nothing more liberating than travelling with hardly any baggage while everyone around you is struggling with their numerous, and unnecessary, cases. With all these hints, you should be able to reduce your baggage by at least forty per cent, maybe even more. Be brave and see if you can take out five more items! Can you?

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Never Miss the Glockenspiel in Munich

glockenspiel, munich, marianplatz, glockenspiel munich
The Glockenspiel at the Marienplatz

One of the places you can’t miss going to when you visit Munich is the Marienplatz. Marienplatz is one of the most famous of all the squares in the German state of Bavaria. And in it can be found the historical Rathaus-Glockenspiel. When the second phase of the New Town Hall was started in 1908, it included the Rathaus-Glockenspiel—a carillon that is very famous among locals and tourists alike. For more than a hundred years now, visitors flock to the Rathaus-Glockenspiel every day, like it is part of daily life more than culture itself. You see, at exactly 11 am and noontime daily, the Glockenspiel would chime. But it doesn’t only make music per se. It is a drama. There are actually 32 life-sized figures installed there and these re-enact several historical events of Bavaria within 12 to 15 minutes, depending on what music it plays that day. The music is played by a total of 43 bells.

glockenspiel munich
A closer look on Glockenspiel

What does it tell

Two stories from the 16th century come alive at noontime every day. The top half of the Glockenspiel relives the happy marriage of the local Duke Wilhelm V to Renata of Lorraine. They are remembered with two teams of life-sized knights jousting on horseback, representing Bavaria and Lothringen. And each time, team Bavaria always wins.

The bottom half tells of the second story called Schäfflertanz or the Coopers’ dance. In 1517, it was said that Munich was ravaged with the plague and the people were disheartened. In a bid to uplift the morale of the people, the Coopers danced around the streets in order to liven up the spirits of the locals and to dispel fear. To honor them, the dance is performed in Munich every seven years. At the end of each show, a small golden rooster on the top would chirp, and the people would disperse.

glockenspiel munich
Us at Marienplatz :)

If you happen to visit Munich, never miss this. Watching the presentation of the Glockenspiel and listening to its music will give you a glimpse of the past and the present. You get to know or remember what happened in history and you get to interact with the people of modern-day Munich—a product of the events that transpired in history.

Tour at BMW Museum and be Fascinated

If you’re travelling to Munich you can not miss stopping over at the BMW Museum especially if you’re a car lover. Located at Am Olympiapark, this museum has more than 120 displays which highlight its 90-year history in the automobile industry.

BMW Museum has become one of the most visited museums in Germany since its opening in 1973. There are 25 exhibit areas showcasing 120 displays which approximately totals to 5,000 sqm.

BMW Welt, BMW museum

BMW museum


Getting to the different exhibition halls is passing through ramps. On the sides are different displays which has bits and pieces of their history, setting you back in time.

BMW Museum

The museum presents its rich history in seven different exhibition houses.

The House of Design, where BMW’s design process is explained, is located in the Inspiration room.

BMW Museum

Highlights of BMW Motorcycle history can be found in the Third House. The Fifth House showcases BMW Motorcycle racing.

The House of Technology with themes as “Lightweight Construction”, “Engines” and “Aerodynamics”, documents the efficiency and performance of BMW technology.

A car museum such as BMW will not be complete without a house for motor sport fans.

BMW race car

The House of Brand focuses on advertising and a seventh house takes a look at the development of various automobile series.

This cute car captured our attention. One of them is going around the BMW Welt taking some for a ride.

1955 BMW Isetta
This 1955 BMW Isetta has always been a favorite among visitors.

BMW Welt, BMW Museum

There are other showcases in the museum such as the Rolls Royce  showroom displaying their world-renowned classic cars.

A few hours in this world of BMW will not be wasted as you will spend it in fascination on every product of one of the worlds greatest automobile manufacturers.



Discovering the Beauty of Corfu

The Greek island of Corfu has a stellar reputation as a holiday getaway, and is one of the top tourist destinations for people all over the world to visit when they’re looking for a break away from it all.

Corfu is celebrated globally for the quality of its olives, with the island housing an astonishing 3 million olive trees. But there’s an awful lot more to do in Corfu than indulge in its most delicious export, such as:

Visiting Kérkyra

greece, kerkyra
image credit: kerkyra.com

By the east coast of Corfu lies Kérkyra old town which is by far one of the island’s most popular destinations thanks to its tranquil setting and incredible museums. As well as the town’s archaeological museum (set to reopen in 2016) is the Andivouniótissa Museum in the Mourágia district which features icons from the 15th to 18th Centuries painted by Cretan refugees.

The Corfu Trail

For the more active holidaymaker looking to explore then the Corfu Trail is for them. Participants get to meander across 137 miles of rich Corfu landscape discovering breath-taking peaks, lagoons bursting with wildlife, and more. The Corfu Trail takes approximately eight to 10 days to complete and gives adventurers an incredible insight into Corfu’s landscape.

Discover rich history

greece, corfu, pondikonisi
image credit: de.wikipedia.org

People taking a boat out to Pondikonisi aren’t just visiting a beautiful island full of agriculture. They’re also visiting an area steeped in Greek mythology. The islet, for instance, is said to be an ancient ship that returned from sailing Odysseus home to Ithaca. Also on the island is a beautiful chapel hailing from the 13th Century.

Phenomenal relics

Corfu is full of relics and icons from the island’s past, and some of the most impressive can be found at the Theotókou monastery in Paleokastrítsa. The monastery was founded in the 13th Century and hosts a number of historic icons including a 17th Century St George by Theodoros Poulakis and many others.

Hiking and climbing

The terrain of Corfu makes it perfect for excursions and climbing high peaks to get some of the most fabulous views possible of the Mediterranean. Some of the best views can be found atop Corfu’s second-highest peak, the Ágii Déka which can be reached from Áno Garoúna village. As well as beautiful views from the top are some splendid fruit and nut trees belonging to the local monastery.

Brilliant day trips

Agii Saranda, corfu, greece
image credit: telegraph.co.uk

Corfu’s location allows for some amazing day trips to other local areas, such as Ágii Saránda which is populated by some incredible Roman ruins. There are other excursions to nearby Albania available, while other attractions include boat rides, village tours, and much more.

Corfu’s history is one of the richest on the planet and is a magnificent place to relax or ramble for people that want to go somewhere with an enjoyable climate and relax with friends, family, or explore the area by themselves.

If you’d like to check out some cheap flights to Corfu or flights to other incredible holiday destinations across the globe visit the Blue Air website today.

Camping Trip Essentials

camping essentials, camping trip

An outdoor adventure like camping or hiking can be a fun bonding activity for the whole family. After all, getting up close and personal with nature is not something that you can do anytime when you live in a concrete jungle. Those who would like to make the most out of their camping trip would have to bring along some camping essentials. Being prepared and fully equipped for the trip is also a good way to minimize the chances of a camping misadventure.

The first thing that you need to secure for a camping trip is shelter. Those who really want to have an authentic camping experience can choose from different tent designs and sizes from an outdoor equipment store. Some campsites accommodate Trailers, Campers, and Recreational Vans (RVs) for those who would like to experience some comfort or luxury during the trip. Your choice of shelter would depend on the condition of the camping area and family needs. Sleeping bags or portable beds that will keep the campers warm and cozy at night should also be part of your list regardless of the shelter that you choose.

Food and water is a necessity for any trip, if you don’t want to end up with cranky campers then make sure that you have ample supply of both to last the whole trip. Dried fruits and nuts or a trail mix are the most convenient food items that you can bring. Canned goods and other food items that can easily be cooked in boiling water or grilled on the campfire are also good options. Just make sure that you also have some basic cooking equipment like pots or pans, cups, plates, and utensils. Don’t forget to bring water purification products for emergencies.

Never go on a camping trip without safety and survival tools. This includes a first aid kit, army knife, flashlight, skin protection essentials (sunblock, mosquito repellent, and calamine lotion), prescription and maintenance medicines, and navigation gear like maps and compass. Aside from the items mentioned above, it wouldn’t hurt to bring your sense of adventure, enthusiasm, and good nature to your camp.